Phillip Sweeney

Phillip Sweeney is a California Licensed Architect with experience delivering high performance & sustainable residences, ground up & renovations for school facilities and small civic & open space projects. Phillip graduated from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo with a Bachelor of Architecture and a minor in Architectural Engineering in June 2014.   He has previously interned in San Francisco and had the opportunity to collaborate with fabricators at Kreysler Associates and engineers at Enclos to develop an FRP (Fiber-Reinforced Polymer) facade system during his thesis year.  While at Cal Poly he spent many hours experimenting in the great digital fabrication lab, wood, and metal shops.  The idea of craft and how things are made, built or manufactured is fundamental to design and the immediate tactile and sensory ways we experience space. Travel has become an important part of his life and while in school he had the great opportunity to spend a summer studying abroad in Switzerland and take many extended field trips to cities in the U.S.  Trips and experiences like that have grown a curiosity about place and culture, as well as driven him to pursue architecture that upholds culture by creating vibrant and inspirational places.

Project Architect, Partner