San Francisco Green Schoolyards

The success of the Sherman Elementary School Green Schoolyard and 450’s exceptional ability to garner support and build consensus among a diverse constituency has given 450 the opportunity to continue working with San Francisco Unified School District green schoolyard projects. 450 Architects partnered with landscape architect Studio Green on these green schoolyard projects, bringing outdoor education and the community it engenders to urban sites. Resilient, low maintenance details were developed for these small budget projects.

  • Cleveland Elementary School
  • Spring Valley Elementary School
  • Fairmont Elementary School
  • Grattan Elementary School
  • Alamo Elementary School
  • Alice Fong Yu Elementary School
  • Denman Middle School
  • Thurgood Marshall Academic High School
  • Balboa High School
  • Downtown High School
  • Martin Luther King Junior Middle School
Testimonial 450 Architects, in collaboration with Studio Green, has provided landscape design and construction administration services for multiple San Francisco Unified School District (SFUSD) school sites for the 2006 Proposition A Bond Green Schoolyard Program. The bond program construction budgets are less than $100,000 per site and the construction schedules are extremely compacted. However, 450 Architects was able to create highly impactful and relevant designs operating under these constraints. As a public agency, SFUSD is required to publicly bid all construction contracts and accept the lowest responsive, responsible bidder. 450 Architects delivered detailed construction drawings and specifications articulating the goals of the District and school community in order to bring the outdoor classroom experience to fruition. 450 Architects also worked diligently to ensure these goals were translated into a finished product by the contractor. It has been a pleasure working with an organization that is highly professional and passionate about their work and their clients.
— Lori Shelton
Cost Varies
Size Varies
Location San Francisco, CA
Client San Francisco Unified School District